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plastic-furniture.jpgMoulded Plastic Furniture

Esquire Plastics offers the largest range of moulded furniture products for home and office spaces. Available in variety of colours and designs; the furniture brings in an aesthetic appeal to spaces and also provides you with best in style and durability.

Our furniture segment includes a large collection of premier chairs, baby chairs, chair shells, dining tables, center tables, stools, racks, trolleys, school benches and  planters.

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MHC1.jpgMaterial Handling Crates

In the today’s business world, material handling is an integral part of any industrial activity to increase the productivity, profitability as well as ecological preservation. It plays a very fundamental role in sustaining efficiency in financial and human resources.  The introduction of Plastic crates revolutionized material handling and Esquire Plastics creates a wide and an eclectic range of products in material handling like crates for industries like Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Electrical, Logistics, Textiles, Supermarkets, Electronics, Retail, Food & Beverages, Agriculture, Seafood, Hospitality & Catering and other allied business.
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house-hold-article.jpgHousehold Articles

Esquire Plastics brings to you household articles like containers to store your food. Food storage containers for storing leftovers, produce, vegetables and bulk foods made of virgin plastic granules. Our food storage containers keep the food fresh.

Food containers are available in a large assortment of shapes, sizes and materials. Select any image below to view other great food container options.
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